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  • APN Outdoor continues digital push with 3 new screens planned
    SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media operator, APN Outdoor, has today announced that they will continue their aggressive push in the digital space, with confirmation of three, additional new screens, bringing the company’s digital portfolio to a total of 29 across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Transit media: one of Outdoor’s best performers for recall
    SYDNEY: Off the back of their recent Attention Economy research launch, leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, today released new findings that prove Australian transit advertising has the highest ad recall of any Outdoor format*.
  • New study finds Outdoor is up there with TV & Online for ad recall
    SYDNEY: A recent study conducted by leading Outdoor operator, APN Outdoor, has found that Outdoor is on par with TV and Online for ad recall and even converts more efficiently given time spent with the medium.
  • XtrackTV: APN Outdoor launches world first in rail advertising
    SYDNEY: In another groundbreaking move, APN Outdoor, today announces it will reinvent rail advertising in Australia with the introduction of an industry first format – XtrackTV.
  • APN Outdoor to undertake industry’s largest ever audience study
    SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, today announces that it is set to undertake the largest research study of its kind ever carried out within the Outdoor industry in Australia and New Zealand. The research piece, known as the Attention Economy Study, will uncover how audiences in nine major metropolitan Trans-Tasman markets move, think, feel and respond to Outdoor advertising.

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